A day in the surroundings of Codroipo.

Villa Manin di PassarianoVisit of the splendid Villa Manin: sumptuous residence of Ludovico Manin, the last Doge of Venice, and subsequently of Napoleone Bonaparte who, in 1797, settled here his head quarter. Visit of the family Chapel, the museum of carriages, the armoury and, if possible, of some rooms of the Villa, rich in stuccoes and decorations. Pleasant stroll in the wonderful park, designed on the style of the Versailles' one, changed more times, but which still keeps the fascination of the past, with its groups of sculptures and some hydraulic devices rising the water to fountains and water plays of a rare beauty. Lunch. The tour continues to the Risorgive park. A precious natural oasis, today ideal destination for walks and excursions, where you can find spontaneous flora and fauna and admire the "olle", particular points where the waters of this area rise up naturally. Then a short tour to see the country-houses which surround the Passariano plain and which bear witness to the historic families that lived here.

Villa Kechler (S. Martino): characteristic for its reddish colour, but especially because the nowadays owners were fundamental figures in the production of silk in the Udine province.

Villa Mainardi (Gorizzo): the Count Ermes of Colloredo chose for his residence this country-house and these loved places, where. he wrote his most beautiful lyric poems. After some centuries this places were extolled by Nievo too.

Eventually, visit of the old St. Maria church in Pieve di Rosa. Stop in a wine-cellar (Camino): short visit of the buildings and tasting of the precious and refined wines of this land.


Near Codroipo, in Rivolto, there is the seat of the National Acrobatic Team, well known as "Frecce Tricolori".
Spettacolare passaggio della P.A.N.
The "Frecce Tricolori" are the rightfully heirs of aerobatic formation flying that stemmed from the high performance aerobatic school of Campoformido back in 1930. The National Display Team (P.A.N.) is the end result of an historical cycle that has seen since the early thirties many and prestigious teams compete between themselves in the name of Col. Rino Corso Fougier, pioneer and initiator of aerobatic flying in Italy. Col. Fougier convinced the Air Force Staff that military pilot had to be first and foremost a real sportsman if he was to man effectively his airplane in the front-line operations. He thhought that flying aerobatics would enhance and develop confidence, full control, sensitiveness and the desired coordination for aerial combat manoeuvring. The honor of his heritage and representing Italy in domestic and international air competitions was originally appointed to teams that were picked out from fighter squadron units on an annual basis. Teams such as "Lancieri Neri", "Cavallino Rampante", "Getti Tonanti", "Diavoli Rossi" and "Tigri Bianche" are now legends. By the end of 1960 I.A.F. General Staff decided it was time to establich a National Display Team with permanent headquarters at Rivolto del Friuli A.F.B. This is how the 313th Acrobatic Training Squadron, better known as the Frecce Tricolori, was formed. The Frecce Tricolori fly a formation of nine aircrafts plus a solo and is therefore the largest military formation in the world. It is also recognized to be one of the most prestigious. Precision flying reaches its highest peak within the P.A.N. and is achieved by a series of unusual and interwoven manoeuvres that make it seem a natural way of being for a group of airplanes exploiting the freedom of the skies. The manoeuvres are arranged according to a logical and uninterrupted sequence and form the flight programme of the "Frecce Tricolori"; They are the result of years of specific training in precision flying and derive from a patrimony of great tradition and experience.

photos by Stefano and Elio Ciol


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